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Cosmetic vagina surgeries can correct many problems. The most common vagina surgery is surgical tightening, followed by labioplasty that aims to prevent or correct sagging labia.


Vaginoplasty is a simple but effective cosmetic operation performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 45 minutes. The first step in planning the surgery is determining the tightness desired by the  patient and their partner. We usually narrow the vagina through the posterior wall.

Patients commonly request vaginoplasties after vaginal delivery as this can cause the expansion of the vagina. Our patients resort to this operation for the sake of their marriage. Some patients indicate that they find their operated vagina to be better than it was before.

This surgery does not pose a risk of death. You will be discharged the same day but need to refrain from sexual activity for one month after the surgery. We may invite you for follow-up examinations. Also, it is natural to have spotting after the procedure that might last up to 2-3 days.

The duration of recovery will vary from person to person, but will take approximately one month on average. You will not need a second operation if you do not vaginally deliver a child or the vagina is excessively worn due to any reason. The outcome is largely permanent.

Vaginoplasty Surgery in Turkey

Labioplasty Surgery

Labioplasty is the operation that aims to correct the sagging of the labia. The main aesthetic concern in sagging labia is how they appear through swimsuits.

Another commonly reported cause is their negative impact on sexual appeal. The sagging labia can prevent the penetration of the penis into the vagina, causing pain to the woman and frustration to the man.

Labioplasty surgery can also address hygiene issues as sagging labia make it difficult to thoroughly clean the vagina and increase the risk of infection, which can lead to significant medical problems.

Labioplasty can be performed under local anesthesia and takes approximately 30-35 minutes. The patient is discharged the same day and can start to take showers. However, they need to refrain from sexual activity for one month after the surgery for health reasons and for better treatment outcomes.

Labioplasty and Vaginoplasty Prices 

Prospective patients commonly inquire about the price of these two operations. It is inadequate to provide the relevant pricing information online as is forbidden to by the Turkish government. However, we would like to note that the cost of the treatment will depend majorly on the type of the surgery. Please contact me by phone or through the Contact Form to provide information regarding your condition in order for me to give you an accurate price estimate for treatment.

An examination will provide the most effective results in terms of determining the course and cost of treatment. This operation is a short procedure with satisfying results. Recurrence is very unlikely after a labioplasty. Sutures do not need to be removed after surgery. They will spontaneously dissolve into the body.