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Combined surgery means combining several different procedures into one operation. Longer anesthesia has made it possible to have longer operations, which makes it possible to perform several operations at once.

Why combined surgery? 

There are several reasons why multiple operations can be combined. First of all, physicians prefer combined cosmetic surgeries to be able to completely and thoroughly reconstruct a specific region of the body. For example, it will be more effective to do a facelift together with a nose job, instead of doing them one by one.

Combined cosmetic surgery can also be used to reduce overall body size by contouring the abdomen right after liposuction to achieve more gratifying results. It is even possible to correct distorted legs during the same operation.

Combined Cosmetic Surgery

Do combined surgeries have any disadvantages or benefits for the patient? 

Combined surgeries will cause the patient no harm. In fact, it has significant advantages. Primarily, treatment costs are significantly lower for the patient if several procedures are performed simultaneously. Secondly, having all operations at once will eliminate the stress and anxiety of several surgical procedures.

The only possible downside is the somewhat longer recovery process, which will require some extra post-operative care. Other than that, combining several treatments is only advantageous, both financially and psychologically. A combined operation will also benefit the physician as it makes it easier for them to concentrate on all procedures at once, instead of dividing them. The doctor will focus once and for all, and successfully finish the job.

Combined Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

The conditions mentioned above were for classical surgical operations performed under operating room conditions. In this section, I will explain how non-surgical methods can be combined. Let’s evaluate the benefits and downsides from the patient’s point of view.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures mostly concern becoming slimmer and skin beauty, not structural changes. That is, the shape of a nose will not change without a surgical operation, nor a breast will get bigger or smaller just through non-surgical procedures.

The most common non-surgical method is using fillers. Filler injections are an ideal method for eliminating wrinkles of the face. Despite being a temporary solution, it can be combined with silicone injections. In such a case, the wrinkles can be eliminated with fillers while hollow parts of the face can be filled with silicone injections.

It is also possible to remove fat tissue through vaser liposuction and combine this procedure with PRP applications. While the skin can be rejuvenated with the stem cell method, legs can be contoured with fillers.

Combined Cosmetic Surgery Prices 

Combined operations are more cost-effective than singular cosmetic procedures. Primarily, it will be possible to combine two procedures into one session, and the patient will require only one round of anesthesia. It should be remembered that the physician will have to start all preparations over every time you come in for a separate procedure.

The final price of combined cosmetic procedures will vary according to the operations that will be performed. A definite price can be determined after an examination.