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These surgeries that include reconstructing the breast are actually a challenge for the surgeon. Each patient requires a different treatment, thus, there is no one optimal way to perform a breast lift that will suit all. The procedure will require a significant labor and effort from the physician.

Breast lifts need to be performed by cosmetic and plastic surgery specialists. It takes approximately 2 hours, but might be longer if silicone implants need to be placed. We require the hospital that the operation will be performed in to have an emergency department and an active intensive care unit. Under any adverse situation, however unlikely, we prefer to have emergency medical professionals to be at hand.

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

This operation is performed under general anesthesia. The patient will not feel anything during the surgery. We determine the proper surgical method according to your needs and the examination findings. We first create a drawing of the breast structure that the patient requests to demonstrate its compatibility with the remainder of their body.

The main purpose of this step is to visually depict how certain sizes of breasts will look on their bodies, as some patients unknowingly request breasts that will not end up looking very good when they are done. We use our experience to guide our patient and determine the best breast size for their body. You will find it beneficial to listen to your doctor’s recommendation after your examination.

Breast Lift Techniques

Breast lifts can be performed by placing silicone implants to small breasts or by removing excess breast tissue from larger breasts. Breast lifts can also be called breast contouring as the main purpose of the operation is to correct the appearance of the breast.

Breast Lift Techniques

Breast Lift for Small Breasts

If the breast that will be lifted is too small, it might be necessary to use silicone implants. Suspending a breast without sufficient tissue material might create an odd and undesirable look. This makes it necessary to use implants.

In patients with very little body fat, we place the silicone implant under the chest muscle, whereas it can be placed on the muscle if there is enough fatty tissue to support the implant. This step will be different for every person. The nipple is also shaped following silicone placement.  It is supported by the implant and will more easily face upwards. The nipple is usually moved upwards during breast contouring operations.

Breast Lift for Large Breasts

It is easier to reduce, lift and contour a large breast compared to a smaller breast as it will not be necessary to use implants. If the breast is too large, some breast tissue is removed to reduce the breast. Any excess skin that might cause wrinkling or sagging is removed.

The nipple (or the areola) might also be corrected, if necessary. The priority is always to improve or even perfect the aesthetic appearance of the breast. It is important to tailor such a procedure to the requirements of the patient and their body. One size does not fit all, hence, one must not fixate on size. Please contact and consult our physician to obtain information regarding the method and procedure prior to deciding for an operation.

Breast Lift for Small Breasts

After Breast Lift Surgery

We usually follow-up our patients for one month after any cosmetic breast surgery. We invite our patients 3-4 days after the operation, and once more a week later for a follow-up examination. These examinations do not include any medication or interventions but only making sure that the process is going smoothly. However, an intervention might be necessary if there are any complications.

Our patient must avoid lifting heavy weights and reaching too high up for one month after their surgery, avoiding using their arms as much as they can, in order to prevent the sutures from opening. The sutures do not need to be removed, they will dissolve into the body. Our patient just needs to be mindful for a while after their operation to prevent any nuisance and to achieve better results.

How Much Scarring Does Breast Lift Surgery Cause? 

The sutures and incisions will leave some scars, but there are several available methods to minimize these. A competent plastic surgeon will operate in a manner that will cause minimal scarring.

Improvements in medicine also allow for minimal scarring after an operation. We prefer dissolvable sutures to make this process even easier. Most patients are left with scars that are only visible through close examination, there is no need to worry about this issue. People with darker complexion are less likely to have visible scarring.

Does Breast Lift Surgery Prevent Breastfeeding? 

Breast lift operations are usually performed on women with children who seek a solution to their disfigures breasts following breastfeeding. We advise our patients that are considering to have children to postpone the operation.

Breast Lift for Large Breasts

Breast Lift Post-Pregnancy

Women’s breasts start to sag after pregnancy due to weight gain and lactation. The breast may even be left empty after the woman is finished nursing. This would require an operation. There are no non-surgical breast lift options.

Silicone implants are used to increase breast volume, followed by reshaping the nipples. This is how breasts are lifted and contoured after pregnancy.

Breast Lift Prices

Patients considering breast lifts commonly inquire about the cost of the operation. We recommend these patients to come in for an examination. It is necessary to examine a patient to get an idea about the cost of surgery as it largely depends on the required methods.

The price will significantly vary if silicone implants are required or if the problem only concerns the nipple. There is a wide range of possible prices. Please come in for a free consultation for us to provide you with a more accurate price estimate.