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Face Lift Surgery is the process of stretching the sagging skin with incisions through the scalp. It can be applied to the middle portion or the whole face. This procedure includes the correction of upper and lower eyelids and the cheekbones.

How Is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Face lift is stretching the skin of the face through a half-moon-shaped incision from behind the ears. This skin needs to be proportionally and symmetrically stretched. Although majority of face lift operations include the whole face, it is possible to lift only one part of the face as well.

The most important aspect of this operation is not to damage facial nerves. Any nerve damage can result in facial paralysis and numbness.

What is the best age to get a facelift?

In the timeless waltz of aging, where each tick of the clock brings a new note of wisdom and a trace of life’s tapestry on our faces, the question of the ideal age for a facelift pirouettes gracefully into the spotlight. This dance is personal, unique to each dancer, and the music to which one chooses to step forward for a facelift varies with individual rhythms and stories.

  1. The Ballad of the Forties: As the sun gently rises on the fourth decade, subtle signs of aging begin their dance. Fine lines and mild sagging whisper the first notes of change. For some, this is the overture that beckons a proactive approach, a minuet with mild interventions to preserve the youthful contour of days past.
  2. The Symphony of the Fifties: Often, the full chorus of age begins its melody in the fifties. The skin, like a seasoned violin, shows deeper lines and more pronounced sagging. This is a common time when many consider the harmonious intervention of a facelift, seeking to tune the features back to a more youthful harmony.
  3. The Serenade of the Sixties and Beyond: As the symphony progresses, the music deepens. The sixties and beyond bring a richer, more complex melody of aging. A facelift now can be like a masterful conductor’s touch, rejuvenating and lifting, yet embracing the beauty of the life’s rich concert.

In this ballet of decision, there is no single, perfect age. The mirror and the soul compose a duet, reflecting not just an age in years but the story of individual lives, emotions, and desires. The best age for a facelift is less about a number and more about a feeling – when the reflection in the glass no longer sings in harmony with the spirit inside.

The maestro in this concert is the individual, guided by the expertise of skilled surgeons, and informed by a chorus of personal health, genetic inheritance, and lifestyle. The decision to step into the embrace of a facelift is a personal verse in one’s lifelong ballad, a choice to continue dancing gracefully, with each step as confident and beautiful as the last.

Face Lift Surgery in Turkey

After Face Lift Surgery

Following their face lift surgery, the patient will stay in the hospital overnight to be discharged the next day. It is natural to have bruising and swelling around the face and eyes. These will improve in about 2 weeks. But it may take the patient up to 3 months before they have completely healed and back to their normal lives. It is possible that the recovery will be more quick depending on the extent of the procedure.

Facial Rejuvenation Operations

Facial rejuvenation surgery is combining face lift with cosmetic eyelid and forehead surgery. The face lift procedure will eliminate some of the facial wrinkles, but may be insufficient for deeper creases. In such cases, the solution will probably be fillers.

As some wrinkles will be left under the eyes after the face lift, it will be appropriate to separately attend the region under the eyes. Also, any jowls will be corrected within the same operation. The operation will be considerably long, where it will most likely be over 5 hours.

After Face Lift Surgery

Face lifts make it possible to become younger again. Wrinkles show your age. If the wrinkles are naturally eliminated, it will be possible for you to look younger without giving away any operation.

Natural face lift surgery

A natural face lift has one rule: do not reveal that you had a face lift. I exclude health care professionals from this definition. However, achieving a natural look will require to waive certain things, which means you are limited by the natural confines of your face.

If you insist on more and require a perfectly smooth face, you are more likely to be called out on your cosmetic operation. Therefore, it is important to follow the doctor’s advice in the appropriate course of action.  Bichectomy can also be a reasonable choice for this matter.

Face Lift Surgery Prices 

The cost of face lift surgery is determined by hospital use. The hospital chosen by the patient directly affects the final cost of the operation. I find that all the hospitals I have worked with were adequate in terms of health and hygiene. The difference will only be the hospitality, accommodation comfort and service. That’s why I let my patients decide on the hospital that they would like to be treated in.

Other criteria that affect the price are the extent of the procedure and the concurrent operations.

If you are considering face lift surgery, we strongly recommend you to come in to our clinic and have a one-to-one consulting session. If you are too busy or not able to come to Nisantasi, just send us pictures of your face from different angles, and I can provide you with an approximate price.

We determine an average price according to your condition and your requests. This analysis will give you an idea on what this procedure might cost. Ideally, it’s better for you to come in personally to be informed and ask any questions you might have.

Face Lift Surgery Prices for Men

The price might be somewhat lower for male patients as the surgery usually lasts shorter and is less elaborate. These factors contribute to reducing prices for male patients.