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Arm lifts are one of the most common cosmetic operations. It is possible to do an arm lift with removing skin or through liposuction. Arm Lift Surgery

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Why do arms sag? 

The answer to why patients require arm lifts is clear: fatty arms. This includes excessive weight fluctuations, such as when a person who weighed 120 kilos drops quickly down to 80 kilos. Such an extreme weight loss will not only cause deformities in the arms, but the whole body.

That is why arm lifts are required. This procedure includes contouring the arms with liposuction first, and then removing excess skin.

What is the difference between a mini arm lift and an arm lift?

The difference between a mini arm lift and a traditional arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, lies primarily in the extent of the surgery and the size of the incision.

Traditional Arm Lift (Brachioplasty):

  • Extent of Surgery: This procedure is more extensive and is suitable for individuals with significant sagging and excess skin along the upper arm, often extending from the underarm to the elbow.
  • Incision Size: The incision for a traditional arm lift is larger, typically running from the underarm down to the elbow along the inside or back of the arm. This allows for more skin and fat to be removed.
  • Scarring: Due to the larger incision, scarring is more noticeable compared to a mini arm lift.
  • Ideal Candidates: Best suited for individuals who have lost a substantial amount of weight or have significant skin laxity due to aging.

Mini Arm Lift:

  • Extent of Surgery: This is a less invasive procedure, targeted at individuals who have a moderate amount of sagging or loose skin near the underarm.
  • Incision Size: The incision is smaller and is usually limited to the underarm area, making it less noticeable.
  • Scarring: Scarring is typically minimal and hidden in the underarm area.
  • Ideal Candidates: Suitable for those with less severe sagging, usually not extending beyond the upper part of the arm.

The choice between a mini arm lift and a traditional arm lift depends on the patient’s specific needs, the amount of excess skin, and desired outcomes. A mini arm lift offers a quicker recovery and less scarring but is only effective for less extensive skin laxity. In contrast, a traditional arm lift can address more significant concerns but comes with a longer recovery period and more noticeable scarring. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is essential to determine the most appropriate approach.

Arm Lift Surgery

How Is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

There are two possible ways to do an arm lift: liposuction and removing excess skin. It is also possible to combine these two methods. The operation includes the region between the elbow and the armpit. We correct the sags in this region.

If the sagging is not excessive, it may be possible to get the skin to stretch enough through a minor incision under the armpit. This will eliminate the possibility of a visible scar, as armpits are not all that exposed.

This operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2 hours. The patient needs to wear a postoperative compression garment for approximately 3 weeks. After this time, the bruising and edema will start to improve, and will be completely gone after 2 months.

The patient stays in the hospital overnight after the operation, and needs to come in for a few follow-up examinations. It is possible that the patient will experience some degree of pain. If you follow your doctor’s directions and orders, and regularly take the recommended medication, the recovery process will not be too uncomfortable.

Is There a Possibility of Recurrence? 

Arm lifts do not need to be repeated at certain intervals, it is a one-time procedure. However, if the patient continues their habit of continuously gaining and losing a lot of weight, this will inevitably lead the flabby arms. Unfortunately, it is not in the power of the surgeon to prevent this.

Arm Lift Surgery Prices 

It is very difficult to give a price estimate for arm lift procedures. There are multiple variables that affect the final price, including the service standards of the preferred hospital and the severity of the sagging in the arm. That is why it is necessary to examine the patient prior to determining the cost of the operation. It should be noted that preferring a liposuction procedure alone will have the lowest cost, and the costs reflect on the final price.

How to prevent flabby arms? 

Non-surgical methods, such as ointments, medications, and herbal treatment can only provide temporary or ineffective solutions. Flabby arms indicate fat accumulation which cannot be corrected through exercise and arm work-outs. The only effective and permanent solution to sagging is surgery.

Using compression garments will yield only temporary results. The only permanent solution for a patient with flabby arms is an arm lift surgery. If your arm fat makes you uncomfortable, you need to consider surgery.

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons are the experts in arm lifts, it will not be appropriate for physicians of other specialties to perform this operation. We recommend you to prefer physicians that have comprehensive experience in the field for better outcomes.