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Breast augmentation surgeries are performed under general anesthesia in hospitals that have intensive care units. Preoperative tests will reveal if the patient is suitable for the surgery. The surgery can be performed through under the breast, around the nipple or the armpits.

The operation will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the patient’s condition. The patient does not feel anything during surgery. The incision mark will mostly fade after one year, regardless of its location.

Breast Augmentation with LipiVage Technique (Fat Transfer)

It is possible to augment breasts by injecting the person’s own fat tissue. This will render using implants unnecessary. We have been commonly using this method over the last few years. LipiVage is based on injecting the breast with fat tissue obtained from the deposits in the person’s body to make them bigger. However, this method is not applicable to everyone as it requires an adequate amount of body fat that can be harvested. The physician also needs to take into account that not all of the injected tissue will survive in the breast when deciding for the ideal treatment.

It is a fact that breast augmentation is more commonly preferred by slim women who do not have a lot of body fat. This makes this technique available for only a small specific group of patients. The fact that silicone implants yield more permanent results also divert physicians from fat transfer to traditional breast augmentation.

However, no-implant breast augmentation is a real possibility and a viable option for patients that prefer not to have implants and will yield satisfactory and long-term results.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Natural Breast Augmentation

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration for breast augmentation. One of the most important issues is the size of the implant. Most of our patients are eager for larger options as they have lived a long time with small breasts, which is understandable. However, it is the physician’s duty to properly inform the patient and prevent them from making a decision that they may not be happy with later on. We have seen many patients that requested large breast implants to go on to regret their decisions. The ideal implant does not need to be big, but must suit the general physique of the patient.

An implant that is adequate for the width of the chest will not look unnatural. We help our patients determine the ideal size that will yield a natural look without looking too big or too small. The first concern is to help the patient normally carry on with their life, which can only be achieved through a natural-looking outome.

Breast Augmentation Through the Axilla

It is possible to perform implant placement through a 2-3 cm incision at the axilla (i.e. the armpit). This silicone is pushed towards the bottom of the breast and placed either under or above the pectoral muscle. The implant will be placed under the chest muscle in slim patients, and over the chest muscle in women who have adequate fat tissue to support the implant.

Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery

This breast augmentation surgery performed through the armpit will leave no discernible scars. This is the only way to achieve breast augmentation operations without scarring. I would also like to note that it is possible to implant breast prosthesis through the navel if the breast augmentation is combined with a tummy tuck.

Breast Augmentation with LipiVage Technique (Fat Transfer)

How much scarring will there be after breast augmentation?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding breast augmentation surgery in Turkey . We perform breast augmentation operations through small incisions that are 4-5 cm long. This incision will either be under or around the nipple or the inframammary fold, making them difficult to distinguish.

If the operation is performed through the armpit, the incision mark will be hidden by the natural creases. In any case, the scar will fade to be almost invisible after one year. People with darker complexion are less likely to have visible scarring. However, fair-skinned women also obtain gratifying outcomes.

Non-surgical breast augmentation

Women try several non-surgical methods to try and augment their breasts. Hormone treatments are one of these methods, that act by disturbing the natural structure of the breast. This method is very risky and can completely disrupt the balance of the body in the process.

It is technically impossible to enlarge breasts without an operation. These operations may include the placement of silicone implants or the injection of the person’s own body fat to the breasts. Apart from this, it is not possible to medically enlarge breasts with ointments or pills.

Is breast augmentation surgery risky or difficult?

Breast augmentation surgery is not difficult for the patient or the experienced surgeon. They are known to yield satisfactory results. It is important to determine whether the patient is allergic to certain anesthetics prior to starting surgery.

There is one minor risk associated with silicone implants: capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is the foreign body response of the patient’s body against the implant. If the body perceives the implant as a foreign body, it will try and destroy it. However, as it is not possible for the body to destroy the implant, it will form a protective tissue around it, which will translate into pain for the patient. This condition is treatable.

Natural Breast Augmentation

Does breast augmentation cause any loss of sensation in the nipple?

Temporary loss of sensation is not very common for breast augmentation surgery, yet it is a possibility. This would be caused by  damaging the nerves that extend to the nipple while cutting the muscle tissue. This condition is only temporary and will get better in about one year. There are cases, albeit rare, that the condition does not improve over time.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery specialists perform breast augmentation operations. It is not adequate for surgeons or physicians of other specialties to perform these procedures. The most important issue for patients to consider when looking for the best breast augmentation physician is the extent of their experience and knowledge.

Any cosmetic surgeon knows how to perform this surgery, practically or in theory. However, just ‘being able’ to perform the operation does not mean they will yield desirable outcomes. We recommend all our patients to do a thorough research, to communicate with patients that underwent similar operations and learn from their experiences.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Prices

The price of breast augmentation surgery will actually be decided by the patient. For example, the patient can opt for silicone implants or an expanding implant which is injected with saline fluid after being implanted. The choice of the hospital will determine the level of comfort and luxury. These all impact the price.

It is very difficult to provide one price estimate with all these variables, especially without an examination.

Breast Augmentation Through the Axilla

How do small breasts become bigger?

Breast augmentation is possible through several techniques. The most prominent option is using silicone implants. There are different types of silicone implants available, some of which will even last a lifetime. The ideal one will be chosen by you and your doctor according to the examination findings

The breasts will not grow without using silicone implants. Medical and herbal treatment may create some enlargement, but this will be at the cost of your hormone balance.

Breast implants can basically be divided into two: (1) prostheses filled with a silicone gel, and (2) prostheses that are filled with a saline solution. Determining the more adequate option also depends on the results of your examination. Also, breast implants can be categorized as round and teardrop-shaped according to their shapes, and as smooth and textured according to their surface.

We will decide which implant to use together after I explain to you the advantages of the different options, and you will even get to see samples of each different prosthesis. Of course, every prosthesis is not suitable for every patient. Rest assured, I will guide you in your choice according to your body type and examination results.

One method of breast augmentation is the placement of silicone implants, and another is fat injection. The fat injection method is named the LipiVage technique, which is also an effective method in making breasts larger. I find this method to be easy and pleasant. This technique in fact allows two problems to be solved at once: the excess fat deposits of our patient will be removed, and this tissue will be injected into the breasts to make them larger.

Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery

It should be noted that some of the injected fat will dissolve into the body. That’s why we inject a little more fat than what is apparently needed, approximately 50% more. In other words, when the patient comes in for their final examination, their breasts will have reached the desired size.

This method does not utilize silicone implants, but only the natural fat that you have in your body. Basically, we transfer excess fat from a certain portion to the region that lacks fat. You may require second or third rounds of treatment if the injected fats dissolve at an unexpectedly high rate. This outcome is different for every patient, where some patients have no fat dissolve whereas another has a somewhat high amount of fat absorbed by the body. If that is the case, we can provide the patient with more rounds of treatment.