How Are Breasts Enhanced Using Fillers?

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Breast augmentation can utilize silicone implants or fillers. These different techniques are further divided into specific methods. It is possible to perform breast augmentation with surgical materials or with the patient’s own fat.

How Are Breasts Enhanced Using Filler Injections?

Filler injections to the breast are similar to lip injections. The amount of injected filler determines the final size of the breast. Fillers are also effective in correcting disfigured breasts by injecting fillers to a specific part of the breast.

How Permanent Are Filler Injections?

Filler injections are a temporary solution. Depending on the metabolism of the patient, they will last 4-5 years on average, after which they will start to dissolve. The breasts will go back to their initial condition once the filler material is completely dissolved by the body. It is possible to repeat this procedure to maintain breast size.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to this procedure. Some patients do not prefer to have to repeat a procedure, whereas other like the idea of being able to change the size of the breast after some time.

The physician will inject a little more filler than the desired end result will require, as some of this material will dissolve soon after. An expert cosmetic surgeon will be able to address such critical details effectively. How Are Breasts Enhanced Using Fillers?

How Are Breasts Enhanced Using Fillers

Breast augmentation with LipiVage

This method includes the collection of the patient’s own fat tissue from various parts of their body. Afterward, the collected fat tissue is prepared for injection and transferred to the breast. The person’s own fat tissue will be more permanent than cosmetic fillers, because the tissue will adapt to the injected location and will be able to survive.

The physician will inject more material than required for this method also, as post-transfer dissolution is also an issue for fat transfers. The physician will take this factor into account and injects enough material so that the breasts will reach the desired size in the end.

Are fillers harmful to the body? 

There are no proven harms of augmenting a person’s breasts using their own fat. The effect of augmentation with cosmetic fillers will depend on the quality of the product. There are several commercially available products. Using internationally well-established products with proven quality will not cause any harm to the body. This is not the case for any available product and it is important for the physician to choose the best and safest available option.

Breast Filler Injection Prices 

These operations are comparatively affordable compared to silicone implants, but the price difference is not all too significant. Every cosmetic operation has certain costs that reflect to the final price. Please consult our office for an examination in order for us to provide you with an accurate price estimate.

Can anyone get filler injections? 

Filler injections are suitable to the breasts of all women that have completed puberty. It is important to wait until the body has finished developing as breasts can unexpectedly grow at the end of puberty. Therefore, it is not appropriate to perform filler injections on a person who has not completed puberty.

Some women genetically have significantly small breasts, this is a hereditary condition. If this is the case, we can perform the intervention with the consent of the parents. However, it is the best and safest to wait for the period determined by the doctor.