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French face lift, also known as thread lift, is a non-surgical form of face lift. It is a procedure where dissolvable or non-dissolvable sutures are utilized to stretch the face. This procedure is not a surgery, but a minor intervention that can be conducted in a doctor’s office. Despite being simple, the results are very gratifying.

How is French Face Lift Performed?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in a doctor’s office. The average duration of treatment is one hour. Patients may require anywhere between one to three pairs of sutures. This will be determined by examination findings. Therefore, the cost of the operation will depend on the results of the initial examination. This method is based on creating a tension on the face with the sutures. The results will be as gratifying as a surgical face lift.

What is French face lift?

In the grand atelier of cosmetic rejuvenation, where artisans and seekers of beauty converge, there exists a masterpiece known as the French Face Lift. This technique, akin to a gentle brushstroke on the canvas of time, subtly redefines the contours of youth and elegance.

Imagine, if you will, a seasoned artist in the twilight of Paris, his hands moving deftly, not with paint and brush, but with skill and precision, sculpting the visage of age into a portrait of renewed vitality. The French Face Lift is this artistry made real, a less invasive form of the traditional face lift that promises a return to the days of youthful exuberance.

  • The Palette of Minimality: Unlike its more invasive counterparts, the French Face Lift is marked by smaller incisions, often hidden within the hairline or the natural contours of the ear. These incisions are like delicate pen strokes, hardly noticeable yet transformative.
  • The Technique of Subtlety: The artisan – here, the surgeon – works not with bold, sweeping motions, but with the subtlety of a maestro conducting a symphony. The underlying tissues are gently lifted, the skin softly repositioned, aiming not for a dramatic overhaul but for a natural, refreshed appearance.
  • The Symphony of Recovery: In this concerto of rejuvenation, the recovery period plays a softer, shorter tune. Swelling and bruising, though present, sing a lower, more manageable octave, allowing the individual to return to the dance of daily life with swifter grace.
  • The Art of Preservation: This technique isn’t about reimagining the face as a new landscape. Instead, it’s about preserving the essence, the unique features that make one’s face a personal masterpiece, while gently erasing the traces of time’s relentless march.
  • The Final Portrait: The result of the French Face Lift is akin to the subtle touch of a restorer on a classic painting. The face appears refreshed, the signs of aging softened, yet the fundamental character, the individual’s inherent beauty, remains untouched, unaltered.

In this pursuit of ageless grace, those who walk the path of the French Face Lift seek not a dramatic transformation but a return to their own, familiar portrait of youth. It’s a journey of refinement, a whisper of change, as if the years have simply decided to step back and allow the individual’s innate elegance to shine once more.

French Face Lift in Turkey

Who can have a thread lift?

Thread lift is often preferred by patients who do not want to have face lift surgery, or do not want surgical intervention at all. This procedure will be more effective for patients with minimal sagging. This procedure will make you look younger by creating a tension in the face.

Suture Types

There two different types of cosmetic sutures used for thread lifts: dissolvable and non-dissolvable. Dissolvable sutures will be spontaneously absorbed, which is preferable by certain patients. The non-dissolvable sutures are permanent, and will stay in place until removed. Both types of sutures have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best option for you will require a discussion with your doctor. The dissolvable sutures will be effective for an average of 2-3 years. The non-dissolvable sutures will stay in place and the sagging of the face will determine its effect.

Is thread lift a painful procedure?

This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.  If that is the case, the patient will not feel any pain when the sutures are being placed. So, we can call it a painless operation. The patient can also use painkillers after the procedure, if needed, making sure that the postoperative process is comfortable for the patient.

How do you determine prices?

French face lift prices mainly depend on the number of required sutures. One pair of sutures will be sufficient for some patients, whereas others with more severe sagging and deformity will require 2 to 3 pairs of sutures. This will naturally reflect on the price.  An examination is necessary to clearly determine the price of this procedure. It is not otherwise possible to determine the price as we cannot know how many sutures will be needed.