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Nose filler injection is a cosmetic method for shaping the nose. Fillers are generally used to fill any pits and hollow parts of the face or any part of the body. They are also commonly used for the nose.

Nose filler injection can successfully correct several cosmetic complaints about the nose, including nasal arches, nasal dorsum, and asymmetry. It can be easily done in a doctor’s office in a short time. It can be performed on patients that previously had rhinoplasty.

How long will nose filler injections last?

Nose filler injection lasts for an average of 9 to 12 months. Extending this period can be harmful for the patient. The filler will disintegrate after a while, and spontaneously be extracted. The temporary nature of this operation is actually beneficial for the patient.

Can nose fillers go wrong?

In the realm of aesthetic enhancement, where seekers of beauty embark upon quests to refine and redefine, nose fillers stand as a potent elixir, promising transformation without the permanence of the sculptor’s chisel. Yet, as with all enchanted potions, there lies a shadow of risk, a whisper of potential for things to stray from the envisioned path of perfection.

  • The Dissonance of Asymmetry: Picture a skilled minstrel, his notes usually harmonious, but occasionally a string strays out of tune. Similarly, nose fillers, when not expertly applied, can lead to asymmetry, where one side does not mirror the other, disrupting the symphony of facial balance.
  • The Spell of Swelling and Bruising: As in an alchemist’s experiment, where reactions can be unpredictable, the injection of fillers may conjure swelling and bruising, temporary yet disconcerting, like unexpected ripples on a still pond.
  • The Mirage of Overcorrection: In their quest for the ideal, sometimes one can journey too far. Overcorrection with fillers can leave the nose looking unnaturally large or misshapen, like a painting overzealously brushed beyond its intended borders.
  • The Phantom of Infection: Rare, yet lurking in the shadows, is the specter of infection. As with any breach of the skin’s fortress, the introduction of fillers carries the risk of unwanted invaders, leading to complications that can mar the beauty of the outcome.
  • The Curse of Vascular Complications: In rare and unfortunate instances, fillers may inadvertently obstruct blood vessels, like a dam unexpectedly blocking a flowing river. This can lead to serious complications, including tissue damage, a dire turn in the tale of transformation.
  • The Enigma of Allergic Reactions: Sometimes, the body may perceive the filler as a foreign bard, responding with allergic reactions, an unexpected and unwelcome guest at the feast of beautification.
  • The Fading Dream of Impermanence: While the transient nature of fillers is often a blessing, allowing one to alter their course, it also means the results are not eternal. The magic fades, and the seeker may find themselves returning to the enchanter’s chair for another spell.

In this delicate dance of change, it is crucial for the seeker to find a master artisan, a skilled practitioner who can navigate the nuances of nose fillers, blending art with precision. For even in a world brimming with promise and potential, the wise know that beauty’s enchantment is often entwined with caution’s thread.

Nose Filler Injection in Turkey

Is there an age limit in the nose fillers? 

There is no age limit as nose filler injection is not a surgical procedure. Patients aged 18 years or older can undergo this procedure. If the patient is under the age of 18, nose filler injection can be applied with the consent of the parents. The only point that needs to be considered is that the patient has a completely developed nose as the fillers cannot be applied to an underdeveloped nose. It is also possible that the nose will spontaneously improve once fully developed.

Is surgical intervention preferable over nose filler injection?

Nose filler injection is the most appropriate solution for patients who do not require surgical intervention. But surgical intervention may be necessary if the deformities and symptoms are too severe. The extent to which nose filler injection can improve nose structure is limited, and may need to be supported with a surgical operation.

Can Fillers be Used Simultaneously with Nose Fillers? 

Even after nose filler injection, fillers can be used for the nose or for different parts of the face. It can even be used to lift the tip of the nose. There is no harm in simultaneous application.

Are there any side effects of nose filler injection? 

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are minor side effects. The first is the bruises that occur in the filled region. These temporary bruises do not present in all patients, but are a possibility. Of course, these bruises are temporary and will spontaneously go away after a while, after which the patient can return to normal life.

Is nose filler injection painful?

Nose filler injection procedure is not painful. You will feel the sting of the needle, but this is a minor and tolerable pain. However, some of our patients prefer not to feel any pain during the operation. When this is the case, we provide them with minor local anesthesia and the procedure is completely painless.

Nose filler injection prices

Prices vary depending on the patient, the structure of the nose and the amount of filler that is required. These variables can only be determined with a physical examination. However, it should be noted that nose filler injections are significantly cheaper than classical rhinoplasty. The cost will be comparatively very low. Yet, it is not possible to give a definite price prior to an examination. If you send us pictures of your nose, we can provide you with a price estimate for the nose filler injection procedure.

Can nose filler injections solve functional problems? 

Nose fillers are not sufficient to solve functional problems such as obstruction and breathing difficulties. This procedure does provide certain benefits; however, I would not recommend resorting to this method as they are not medically effective. A surgical procedure will allow the physician to restructure the nose to permanently address the issues, whereas nose fillers do not. Hence, it is not possible to eliminate functional complaints through nose filler injections.