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The penis is a delicate subject for some men. Any possible problem in the male genitalia can directly affect the person’s psychology. We offer several interventions on the penis to help with some of these problems. These include penis enlargement turkey and the correction of penis curvature.

How can the penis be enlarged? 

Penis enlargement surgery is based on injecting fat tissue to the penis. The fat tissue is obtained from the patient themselves, and the viable portion of the obtained tissue is transferred to the penis. This is a simple and quick procedure that will promptly be effective.

Penis Enlargement

How Thick Can the Penis Get? 

The penis can get as thick as the patient desires and is physically possible. The transfer of fatty tissue will remain effective for 2-4 years after the procedure. Even after this time, 40% of the fat tissue will remain in the penis. A second intervention will be possible after the effects of the initial treatment fade. penis enlargement turkey

Penis Elongation Surgery in turkey

The penis can be elongated by an implant to the base of the penis. An invisible portion of the penis actually extends towards the testes. The inserted implant will push this portion forward, adding about 3 cm to the visible length of the penis. We can also provide both cross-sectional and longitudinal enlargement through the insertion of an implant on the penis.

Correcting Penis Curvature

Penis curvature can be caused by several different reasons, including circumcision. The curvature of the penis can be corrected by fillers. It is possible to obtain an ideal penis shape through these operations, no matter how crooked the penis might be.  Even if the penis will not be one hundred percent symmetrical, all penises can be largely corrected. The final result will be comparatively much, much better. Penis Enlargement surgery cost Turkey

is it possible to enlarge pennis size

It is possible to enlarge a pennis size through a variety of techniques. Some of these techniques include using weights and stretching exercises, as well as taking certain supplements or medications. Surgery is also an option for those who want to enlarge the size of their penis, although this is typically a more expensive and invasive procedure. Ultimately, the best way to determine if enlarging a pennis size is a viable option is to speak with a doctor or medical professional to discuss the potential risks and benefits. is it actually possible to increase the size

It is important to note that no matter what technique is used to enlarge the size of a pennis, the results may not be permanent. Additionally, the results can vary from person to person. It is recommended that anyone considering enlargement of the penis consult with a medical professional beforehand to ensure they are taking the safest and most effective approach possible.

How Thick Can the Penis Get? 

It is possible to enlarge the penis up to 3 cm by filling it with fat tissue obtained from the patient. This is the best result that can be obtained without compromising the structure of the genitalia. Enlarging the penis above this may cause an abnormal look and make it obvious that the patient underwent cosmetic surgery.

How Long Will the Effects of Penis Enlargement Last? 

The procedure will remain effective for 2-4 years. This duration will depend mainly on the metabolism of the patient. However, it should be noted that the penis will not return to its original state even after the effects start to wear off. 40% of the injected adipose tissue will cling to the surrounding tissue and remain there. Penis enlargement turkey

If the patient desires to repeat the operation, the result will be even more permanent. We believe that the temporary nature of the procedure can be an advantage, as the condition will spontaneously reverse if the patient is not satisfied. In my opinion, penis enlargement is one of the more successful cosmetic surgeries as reversal is possible.