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Hello, dear readers. Protruding ears affect many people. Having protruding ears can cause a range of social problems from being called names to losing reputation. I want to start by saying that it is possible to fix this problem with a procedure that takes merely 30 minutes under state-of-the-art operating conditions.

How is a cosmetic ear surgery performed?

The duration of a standard protruding ear surgery is approximately 30 minutes, by the end of which the surgery will be finished without the patient feeling any pain. The operated region will be dressed with a small bandage, and the treatment will be completely over in only 2 weeks. Cosmetic Ear Surgery with the Flap Technique

The Flap Technique for Prominent Ears

I want to indicate that I do not prefer this method unless it is specifically requested. In my opinion, this procedure unnecessarily prolongs the operation. This technique is based on placing a prepared tissue over the suture. Of course, we must say ‘different strokes for different folks’. We prefer to apply the “anchor” technique. But we respect the wishes of patients that prefer the flap method.

I have colleagues who also prefer this method. Skills and practice that are developed by experience also play a role in the decision of surgical method. Naturally, surgeons prefer methods that they are familiar and comfortable with. We respect every person’s decisions and efforts.

Is otoplasty very painful?

Otoplasty, a delicate dance where the scalpel waltzes with the ears, veils its tale in whispers of discomfort and relief. Imagine, if you will, a canvas of skin and cartilage, yearning for a new silhouette. The artisan, a surgeon with the grace of a sculptor, embarks on this meticulous odyssey.

The prelude to this transformation is a symphony of preparation. As the anesthetic weaves its numbing spell, the ears, those twin sentinels perched on either side of the head, surrender to a temporary slumber. The pain, a feared dragon in this tale, is held at bay, its fiery breath cooled by the potion’s magic.

Once the voyage begins, the patient, adrift in a sea of unconsciousness, remains blissfully unaware of the intricate choreography being performed. The surgeon, with steady hands, redefines contours, reshapes expectations, and stitches dreams into reality. This is not a battle but a careful reimagining, a reshaping of the body’s landscape.

In the aftermath, as the anesthetic’s spell wanes and consciousness returns like a slow, creeping dawn, one might expect the dragon of pain to awaken. Yet, here lies the twist in our tale: the pain, often anticipated with dread, is more a whisper than a roar. It’s a discomfort, manageable and temporary, like a mild annoyance at a festive gathering.

Otoplasty’s postlude is marked by a gentle recovery, a time where the body, with the resilience of a seasoned traveler, heals and adapts. The ears, newly sculpted, begin to feel at home on their familiar yet transformed terrain. The pain, a mere footnote in this story, fades into a distant memory, overshadowed by the satisfaction of a journey well-traveled and a transformation completed.

Thus, in the grand tapestry of otoplasty, pain is but a transient traveler, passing through without overstaying its welcome, leaving behind the enduring legacy of change and newfound confidence.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery with the Flap Technique

The Suturing Technique for Prominent Ears

The suturing technique is an old method for correcting prominent ears. This operation does not result in any scars or incision marks. An aesthetic surgical suture is used to extend the ear. This non-invasive and painless procedure is done in 30 minutes.

There is one thing that you should know about this technique, which is that it is not suitable for every patient. The feasibility of this technique depends on the structure of the ear. If the structure of the ear is not suitable for the suturing method, physicians will apply other techniques such as the anchor technique or the classical method.

Is cosmetic ear surgery going to be costly? (Prices)

When we evaluate cosmetic ear surgery costs, we observe that even some cell phones are more expensive. We try and keep our prices low so that more people can benefit from our services under current economic conditions. There are several factors that affect the price of the operation, including the number of ears that need to be operated, and the structure of the ear.

Will my ears start to protrude again?

A person’s ears will never go back to how they were before the surgery. In very, very rare cases, the ears can start to slightly protrude. In such a case, a revision surgery can easily fix eliminate this problem. We want to note that these cases usually result from inadequate postoperative care by the patient.

In short, your ear will not start to protrude again after the operation, and even if it does, a second surgery will easily fix it.