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Cosmetic nose surgeries are among the most common cosmetic operations around the world. Rhinoplasty can be performed for two different reasons: nose deformities and eliminating physical problems of the nose – which might be congenital or due to accidents or trauma.

Rhinoplasty is the medical name for cosmetic nose surgery. This term is rarely known or used by the patients. Cosmetic nose surgeries are known to yield satisfactory results. The aim of this procedure is to obtain results that are as natural-looking as possible. Using the same method and nose structure for every patient is against this notion. I find it lazy and irresponsible to perform one standard operation on every patient without assessing their specific needs.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Before Rhinoplasty

It is very important to examine the nose prior to deciding for a treatment. The physician will determine the ideal shape of the nose according to the remainder of the face. The surgery will be planned with the aim of creating the optimal and most natural outcome for the patient. A computer software will help present the patient with how they will look after the surgery. They can also be presented with the ‘before and after’ pictures of previous patients with similar facial structures. This practice aims to fully inform the patient before they make a decision, and to prevent any unexpected outcomes.

How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

There are many possible cosmetic nose surgery techniques. The main determinant is the required correction. If the patient requests a minor correction on the nose tip or a minimal lift, this can be achieved by using sutures instead of a surgical operation. This way, the patient will not require anesthesia or surgical conditions.

The possible interventions can be divided into two: open and closed procedures. I will not go into technical detail in order not to suffocate you and will continue using non-technical language. Most cosmetic nose surgeries are successful. However, the experience of the cosmetic surgeon is significant in determining the outcome of the procedure. Please note that a doctor who has successfully performed various types of operations numerous times will have more experience under all circumstances.

Before Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic nose surgery is performed under general anesthesia. An average operation can last 1.5 to 4 hours. The patient stays in the hospital overnight. The choice and the quality of the hospital is critical as the conditions will determine the safety of both the patient and the physician.

After Nose Surgery

It is natural to develop some bruising, swelling and edema after a nose job, as are headaches and burning to some degree. Your physician will keep monitoring you even after the operation. You must follow your doctor’s directions exactly, and regularly come in for suture removal and postoperative care on the dates determined by your doctor.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey

The cost of cosmetic nose surgery is quite low in Turkey compared to other European countries. These costs determine the price of the operation. One of the more significant factors that determine the cost is the choice of hospital. We leave it to our patients to decide for the level of comfort they require for their surgery. It is important to note that the surgeon will not accept to perform the operation under suboptimal conditions. It is not acceptable to compromise safety for the sake of financial benefit.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey

Who can have a nose job? 

Nose surgery is probably one of the most common cosmetic operations around the world. This is probably a result of the common belief that correcting the nose is directly associated with beauty. A lot of people living in Asia Minor suffer from large noses or a nasal disorder of some kind. This does not only include the people of the Black Sea region, who are famous for their large noses, but all of Turkey. A significant portion of Turkish people have large or poorly shaped noses.

There are two possible reasons for corrective nose surgery: cosmetic and medical. A person can have any kind of issues with their nose: it can be too big or too small for their taste. They might want a more rounded nose tip. A capable cosmetic surgeon, such as I, can easily correct all these issues.

It is also possible that a patient has complaints regarding breathing difficulties or a bony nose. These medical conditions can also be treated with cosmetic surgery. Despite its name, cosmetic surgery does not solely address aesthetic problems. These surgeries can be helpful in correcting conditions that are harmful to the body or that impair a person’s quality of life.

Whatever the initial reason for treatment, most patients leave satisfied with the results of their procedure. I recommend you to meet with a cosmetic surgeon who personally enjoys performing nose surgery before you make a decision.

Does anyone regret rhinoplasty?

Yes, some people do experience regret after undergoing rhinoplasty (nose surgery), although this is not universally the case. The reasons for regret can vary, and they often include:

  • Unmet Expectations: Some patients may have unrealistic expectations about the results of the surgery. If the outcome does not align with their desired vision, they might feel disappointed.
  • Aesthetic Outcomes: Dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome is a common reason for regret. This can include the shape, size, or symmetry of the nose post-surgery.
  • Functional Issues: In some cases, rhinoplasty can lead to breathing difficulties or other functional problems if not performed correctly.
  • Psychological Factors: The psychological impact of a significant change in appearance should not be underestimated. Some individuals may struggle with their new appearance or feel that it doesn’t suit their face.
  • Complications: As with any surgery, there are risks of complications such as infection, bleeding, or poor wound healing. Complications can lead to dissatisfaction with the surgery.
  • Cost and Recovery: The cost of the surgery and the recovery process, which can include pain, swelling, and time off work, may also contribute to regret, especially if the results are not as expected.

It’s important for anyone considering rhinoplasty to have a thorough consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. This consultation should include a discussion about realistic expectations, potential risks, and the surgeon’s experience and previous outcomes. Digital imaging or morphing technology is often used to give patients a preview of potential results. Making an informed decision with realistic expectations is key to reducing the likelihood of regret after the procedure.

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