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What is written on this site is for informational purposes only and cannot be used for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, it cannot definitely replace the doctor’s examination. For a real examination, diagnosis and treatment, the patient and the doctor must come together and undergo a complete physical examination, and if necessary, some tests and films are required. The founder of the site (Op. Dr. Ali MEZDEĞİ – Plastic and aesthetic surgery specialist) is not under legal responsibility due to the misunderstanding of the information on this site and the suffering that may arise accordingly. All responsibility arising from the use of the content of this site for this purpose (diagnosis and treatment) belongs to the visitor and the user, the visitors of the site are deemed to have accepted these warnings.

The information on this site is frequently updated, but since it cannot be updated every day, it is correct that every information is checked and decided by the visitor himself in consultation with his doctor. Kiss. Dr. Information, ideas or practices of Ali MEZDEĞİ about diagnosis and treatments may change in parallel with new scientific developments. So what’s written on the websiteOp. Dr. We may not include the most up-to-date practices or opinions of Ali MEZDEĞİ, we would like to state that there may be changes in the light of scientific developments on these issues.

All surgical procedures given information are procedures performed in a hospital environment and sterile operating room conditions. Site writer Op. Dr. Ali MEZDEĞİ does not sell the devices or drugs that have an information letter about them on the site. There is no partnership or sponsorship relationship with any company mentioned on the site. While providing information about all aesthetic applications and medical devices on the site, information about all alternatives of that application, surgery or medical device has been tried to be provided, and this information is not intended to serve any advertising or advice.

T. C. Pre-operative and postoperative pictures of patients are not published on this site due to state laws. All surgical procedures described in this site are for information, comments and images, for informative purposes, and are not intended to be directed towards advertising, diagnosis and treatment. In order to get a healthy and correct result, consult a specialist doctor about the subject.

Kiss. Dr. All rights of website owned by Ali MEZDEĞİ are reserved and no copy can be made from the site without the permission of the owner and cannot be held responsible for the use of the copies in any media. What is written on this site is reference books related to the Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery branch, scientific journals published, information obtained from scientific congresses and Op. Dr. Medical information – prepared according to the scientific experience of Ali MEZDEĞİ, may be asked the owner for confirmation and to obtain personal information. Based on the information provided here, no liability is assumed for treatments applied by others. The information provided here cannot be a guide or basis for medical practice, treatment or surgery. The content of the site is not professionally instructive-educational information for performing the mentioned plastic surgeries and cosmetic applications. The founder of the site (Op. Dr. Ali MEZDEĞİ- Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist) is not responsible for the results of the attempts by unskilled people by using the information here.

Site visitors can ask questions to the site founder (Op. Dr. Ali MEZDEĞİ) by asking questions or e-mail; Depending on the content of the question, these questions are answered in the form of general information or in detail in person, or they are informed by phone call asking the question; In the answer to the questions, there is no drug advice that can replace the prescription, the drug name is not given. This site is not a personal or commercial site; The site founder (Op. Dr. ALİ MEZDEĞİ Aesthetic-Plastic Surgery Specialist) was not created for the purpose of promoting the operations he performed, the hospital he worked in, the clinic or his surgery, or in order to obtain financial income. No financial support was received from any company during the creation of the site. There is no advertising on the site. The only establishment purpose of this website is to share information free of charge and to inform the society, which is the main function of the internet. For this reason, the site has been prepared without waiting for any response only in order to contribute to the social development in our country. The content of the site was prepared by the specialist doctor (Op. Dr. Ali MEZDEĞİ- Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist). It is not necessary to be a member or pay any fee to benefit from the site. Access to the site is free and anonymous, anyone can access it without restrictions. The content of the site is constantly updated. However, no article on the site is guaranteed to be complete and complete. You should consult a specialist doctor to have more information about any subject on the site.

The content, graphics, images, videos, links, information and other materials presented on the site are intended only to illuminate and inform visitors (age 18 and over) (informing about surgeries, applications, medications and devices); it does not have any orientation purpose. For this purpose, information is given about all treatment alternatives, surgical and non-surgical methods. Important scientific meeting announcements, important website links, and current news about aesthetics and plastic surgery are published on the site for specialist doctors.

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