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Ear SurgeryCurrently, it is possible to easily correct ear protrusion with practical surgical interventions thanks to the various novel techniques developed by surgeons.

Who Can Undergo Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear surgery is an option for patients of all ages. This condition is most commonly genetic, that is, people’s ears do not usually spontaneously start to protrude. Spontaneous ear protrusion cases are very rare. Prominent ear surgery is a procedure that is available for virtually anyone. Age is not a determining factor. This procedure can even be performed on children. In fact, some physicians recommend the correction of prominent ears for young children for a healthier psychological and social development.

Ear Surgery in Turkey

How is cosmetic ear surgery performed? 

Prominent ear surgery is most commonly done in one of two ways: the suturing technique – where the ear is pinned with the help of a suture, and the classical technique – where the cartilage is surgically removed. There are specific groups of patients for which either of these two methods are more appropriate. The ideal method of treatment is determined through an examination.
Cosmetic Treatment of Prominent Ears

Does Prominent Ear Surgery Leave Scars? 

This operation will leave almost zero visible scars, especially since the incision will be behind the ear. In some patients, the incision mark is visible after a detailed examination, but it is mostly invisible. If the patient is treated with the suturing technique, there will be no scarring as this method does not utilize incisions. For this reason, we try and prefer the suturing method if possible.
Cosmetic Treatment of Prominent Ears

Postoperative Care 

After the operation, we will dress the surgical site and the patient will have to carry this dressing for approximately two weeks after the surgery. During this process, the ear needs to be protected from getting wet and any possible trauma. The recovery process will be very comfortable for the patient as long as they follow the prescription and the physician’s advice and directions.

Will my ear start to protrude again after the surgery?

Recurrence is very unlikely in prominent ear surgery. Most patients will not experience any protrusion or imbalance. Yet, if this should end up happening, however unlikely, the physician guarantees a revision surgery that will eliminate any potential problem. Cosmetic Treatment of Prominent Ears

How Is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed? 

This operation is performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia can be preferred in some cases, but this scenario is highly unlikely. The operation takes approximately 1 hour. After the operation, the patient may need to stay in the hospital overnight or be discharged the same day. This procedure is not associated with fatal risk, and it will not cause any harm or disruption to any part of the body.